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Tue Jul 11 09:43:23 PDT 1995

>>>  Table setting     Feast Gear

>>I was wondering lately, is Feast Gear itself period?  Should we
>>be trying to get away from the bring your own 'potluck' table settings?

>How would you propose to do it?  Have every group keep track of and wash
>200-400 place settings?  

Mooneschadoweshire owns 52 trencher boards which will serve 104 people 
(since according to research, everyone shared a plate/trencher with one 
of their neighbors [Lady Rhiannon Redwolf in regards to our St. 
Valentine's Feast for more info.]). Each person has their own drinking 
vessel, knife and spoon. 

It really is more atmospheric to see two people eating off the same 
plate (especially with their fingers). For more info on trencher loaves 
& St. Valentine's, ask Lord Aeddan of House Windbourne 
(shore at

Estrill Swet
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