Event Ideals

Jennifer Kubenka jkubenka at sun.cis.smu.edu
Tue Jul 11 10:03:18 PDT 1995

I've heard tell, that in Crown Tournaments past, that all the entrants 
had a grand promenade around the field, escorting those for whom they 
would fight.

I've never seen that done, mind you, in the two Crown tournaments I've 
been to in my almost two years in the Society.  I bet it is wonderful.

I enjoy the heraldic pageantry and pomp.  I like trying to figure out 
whose arms those are on that shield over there, have I seen them before, 
and where, that sort of thing.  

I've only seen four people, in all of the tournaments I've been to have 
an herald precede them onto the field and announce them in full name and 
alphabet and all of that.  Yes, I am aware that this sort of thing slows 
down tourneys very much, but I miss that.  Two of the four people I've 
seen do that were in a challenge bout, outside of the tournament of the 
event proper.

With regard to heraldic display, my Lord Archibald and myself, we cover 
everything we can with his arms and 

Emher, not much help in how to go about "fixing" things, but surely 
helpful with things for an "ideal event"

"Sweetie, that's not a trebuchet, that's my barrette."

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