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> I find double- & single-elimination and 
>swiss-type tourneys *really* boring to watch. These types of tourneys 
>make an emphasis on a "winner", when in my opinion, there should not 
>necessarily be "a winner".

Once again we get into the "are we fighting for us or the crowd" thing.
 While some of the observers may find the standard tourney boring, the
fighters maynot.  When a person enters the list, most times he/she is
entering to win the list.  Thats what it is all about.  It gets right down to
you aren't entering the list so whether or not you are bored by it is not an
issue.  You love to dance, and teach dance, you are good at it.  But I can
tell you that not everyone is excited by watching it.  It is really the same
thing.  If you are not a fighter, warrrior or what-ever else you want to call
it, it may not be possible to understand.  

Go to an event like Lyonesse.  It is neither single, double, swiss five.
 There are winners all over the place.  Yet at the end of the tourney, there
is an overall  winner.  It may not be the person who won the most, but there
is a winner.     

Just try an understand the fighters mindset, they maynot be there for the
entertainment of the on-lookers.  They are out there trying to do their best
to win a tourney, to get recognition thru their prowess on the field.  

Just my three cents worth,

Mara O.L.

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