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> I have 
>dropped out of tournaments because the tourney organisers (nonfighters) 
>were trying to make it more interesting for the audience. This usually 
>makes it hard or impossible to display my art, sometimes silly and 


Well said.  There is plenty of room at most events for proper displays of
both the fine arts and the combat arts.  I compete in both, both have their
merits within the SCA.  I truly believe that a majority of fighters could go
along way in improving their "look" on the field, that by itself would give
the tourney a more "period feel"  and it is a way to display someones art at
the same time.  

Anyway I think the jist of the conversations that have taken place is that if
everyone tries just alittle harder, events would become more period, without
being demanding about it.

Mistress Mara

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