R. Michael Litchfield litch at
Tue Jul 11 14:37:39 PDT 1995

>>>I agree with the general consensus that our events need to be more
>>>period, but how do you go about it?
>>Well several people here on the list feel that way, but is that shared
>>by everyone in the sca? Generally the ppl on computer lists tend not to
>>be the "partiers" for whom period is less important.
>Who says you can't party in period? [blather deleted]

You misunderstand.

I was saying that there are a class of people who play in the SCA who don't
tend to be on this list who's primary focus is "partying" and for whom
and excessive focus on "period" interferes with thier idea of what the SCA
is all about.

>Kein MacEwan
>mka Keith Ewing


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