Event Ideals (fighting)

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Tue Jul 11 14:44:18 PDT 1995

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>God forbid anything else be scheduled during 
>the fighting! (I've heard some people say that they want such & such an 
>event to "go back to the basics". Meaning they just want the heavy 
>weapons combat, a feast in the evening & court. *None* of that 
>extraneous stuff like bardic, A&S competition, rapier fighting, dancing, 
>archery or anything else).

See my message to Sir Kein.  There is room enough for everything.  Some
people might have to pick and choose what they want to compete in if there is
a conflict.  The majority of the people I know do not want fighting only.
 Lets face it most events are held to be *fighting* events.  Is this fair, I
don't know.  I do think that if you take a long hard look at it, events with
no fighting draw fewer people.  The most visible facet of the SCA is the
fighting, which is why fighters need to incorporate the arts into their game,
have someone make you a nice fighting tunic (or yes do it yourself), paint
your sheild,  atleast make an attempt to make period looking armor.  All in
all there will alway be a basic disagreement here.  Its only natural.  Both
sides need to look and listen to the other side.  I was only trying to help
you see the other arguments.


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