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Hi this is Ivan Ezhov, Not Katherine.

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> Since Sir Kein brought up the fighters aspect of tournaments, I have a
> simple survey that I'll ask everyone, that includes lurkers:-)
> 1)  As a fighter, either style, what type of tournament do you like?
> 2)  As a non-fighter, what type of tournament do you like to watch?
> See, that's easy.  If you answer as a fighter, please indicate which style
> you fight.  Also, if you want, please put down the "why" for each question.
> Now for the hard part, please reply to this off-list, my address is in my
> .sig, this way Pug doesn't have to deal with each and every reply.  I will
> compile this an post the results, if there are any:-)
> Mordraut
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I am a heavy fighter, I prefer Challenge tourneys, Where each fighter 
challenges the others in the tourney. This gives newer fighters a 
chance to fight people that they would never normally get to fight, 
and esures that  they dont just fight 2 fights and take the armor 
off. There is a certain amount of experience that can only be gained 
from fighting people in a competitive atmosphere, people fight 
different in a tourney than they do at fighter practice. I like a 
tourney where the marshalls arent in such a hurry to get you on and 
off the field that things like chivalry and courtesy are forgotten. 
If there are too many fighters, get more marshalls and have multiple 
fights going on. Also, the list field should be bigger than your 
average sized postage stamp. Part of the skill of fighting is foot 
work, the fighters should not be forced to give that up in order to 
keep inside the list field.

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