Event Ideals

Tue Jul 11 18:59:10 PDT 1995

> Well said.  There is plenty of room at most events for proper displays of
> both the fine arts and the combat arts.  I compete in both, both have their
> merits within the SCA.  I truly believe that a majority of fighters could go
> along way in improving their "look" on the field, that by itself would give
> the tourney a more "period feel"  and it is a way to display someones art at
> the same time.  
> Anyway I think the jist of the conversations that have taken place is that if
> everyone tries just alittle harder, events would become more period, without
> being demanding about it.
> Mistress Mara
Ditto!! More period stuff!! _Major_ revels are most period, think 
about all the stuff folk did in period to party!! As a 
herald...banners, shields, tabbards, devices and badges and 
livery...oh my....er, oops, wrong movie. No cars! No jeans on the 
field, or modern athletic footwear, no obvious plastic armor...WHEE! 
Need I go on? Most everything modern we use can be disguised, hidden, 
or a period substitute made... Our middle name is Creative (tm).

This rant has been brought to your screen by...Rants-R-Us (tm).

A. Kief av Kiersted, Lion...     L. Cockerham, Texan

"Better the hammer than the nail..." 

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