Table settings (was SCA speak)

C11Hartel at C11Hartel at
Tue Jul 11 20:50:37 PDT 1995

My lord and I have used the plastic bag trick for years.  Actually, we carry
two of them, one to dump the uneaten food leftovers into for easier disposal,
and the other for the slimey feast gear.  Another trick we discovered when
our daughter was a baby is that Baby-wipes are great in your feast
basket/box.  They help get rid of that greasy feel after some of the feasts
and can be used to do a quick clean-up of the gear before dumping into the
plastic bag.  This is especially helpful at primitive sites where dishwashing
facilities may not be available, and where fireants are plentiful.  Baby
wipes can be carried for months in a ziplock and not dry out too much for


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