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Wed Jul 12 13:40:46 PDT 1995

Michael writes >

>I had never thought of the group renting a storage shed for the stuff and
>find it a marvelous idea, of course there is still the problem of who is
>going to have access fto that shed but it strikes me as a system much less
>open to untoward mechanations or at least those mechanations are more
>easily redressed.

   In Bryn Gwlad we have a storage shed in someones back yard.  There are
three keys to the locks, the landowners have one, the seneschal has one, and
the third is in the hands of the quatermaster.  It is the quatermasters
responsibility to inventory the Baronial *stuff*, and to open the shed for
people who need to get items out for events.  This has worked out quite
well.  BTW, anyone want a copy of the inventory (BIG SMILELY HERE :-)


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