Event Ideals (fighting)

R. Michael Litchfield litch at eden.com
Wed Jul 12 15:01:29 PDT 1995

>>>P.S. Is everybody on this list from Austin or Stillwater or Tulsa?
>>Unfortunately, I think that's close to true. Or at least the *active*
>>participants are from these groups. It would be nice to have members
>>from other groups & regions on the list.
>There are 84 people on the list, and I'd guess about 25% of them are
>*active* on it:-(
>What follows is a list of sites, how many people are from them, and where I
>think that they are.  The locations are not complete, and could be
>incorrect.  It shows that there at least 32 people on the list from Bryn Gwlad.
>aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu         1      Namron
>abm.austin.tx.us                2       Bryn Gwlad
>aol.com                         7      anywhere
>austin.ibm.com                  1       Bryn Gwlad
>bga.com                         3       Bryn Gwlad
>bronze.lcs.mit.edu              1       EAST
>ccmail.us.dell.com              1       Bryn Gwlad (I think)
>compuserve.com                  1      anywhere
>crl.com                         2      (Larkspur Ca.)
>cse.unsw.edu.au                 1      Lochhac
>delphi.com                      1      anywhere
>dhostwo.convex.com              1      Steppes
>dobharchu.org                   1      loch Soll.(?)
>eden.com                        7       Bryn Gwlad (maybe bjornsburg too)
>efn.org                         1      Antir (Eugene, or)
>haas.berkeley.edu               1       WEST
>i-link.net                      1      Bryn
>iadfw.net                       1       Steppes/Elfsea
>infinity.ccsi.com               2       Bryn Gwlad
>interramp.com                   1      (Herndon, Va.)
>io.com                          2       Bryn Gwlad
>mail.syntron.com                1      Stargate
>mail.utexas.edu                 9       Bryn Gwlad
>mccaw.com                       1       Bryn Gwlad
>moritu.com                      1       Bryn Gwlad
>netcom.com                      3      anywhere
>odin.cc.pdx.edu                 1      An Tir (Portland OR)
>okstate.edu                     8       Mooneschadowe
>onr.com                         1       Bryn Gwlad
>prodigy.com                     1      anywhere
>riscgate.sps.mot.com            1       Bryn Gwlad
>sam.neosoft.com                 2      Stargate
>SHSU.edu                        5       Ravensfort
>sun.cis.smu.edu                 1      Steppes
>tamu.edu                        2       Shadowlands
>TCMAIL.FRCO.COM                 1      Bryn
>tec.nh.us                       1      {Concord, new Hampshire)
>teleport.com                    1      An tir (Portland, or)
>tenet.edu                       1      anyTexas
>vax2.utulsa.edu                 1       Northkeep
>willamette.edu                  1      An Tir (Salem,Or)
>zilker.net                      1       Bryn Gwlad

Gods, why are all the ppl from oregon on this list?

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