Event Ideals (fighting)

David Mann uccxdem at okway.okstate.edu
Wed Jul 12 13:50:13 PDT 1995

     There are also Masters Aodhan and Bran from Stargate. The most 
     appropriate person to ask would be Pug, since this is a mailing list.
     P.S. In Stillwater there multiple BBSs with Internet and the whole OSU 
     campus is wired. Ans also most OSU employees have e-mail now. One more 
     thing, OSU CIS offers point-to-point for faculty, staff, and students.
     David Mann   OSU CIS    MVS System Manager

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Subject: Re: Event Ideals (fighting)
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Date:    7/12/95 10:42 AM

>PS. Is everybody on this list from Austin, Tulsa or Stillwater?
No Sir, two are from Ft. Hood and at least three I know of are from 

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