Event Ideals (fighting)

Keith Ewing keandbc at ix.netcom.com
Wed Jul 12 15:52:12 PDT 1995

You wrote: 
>> When a person enters the list, most times he/she is
>>entering to win the list.  Thats what it is all about.
>This is the attitude which has turned me off of fighting in the SCA 
>than anything else (well maybe the White Belt force field & free knee 
>Believe it or not there are a lot of fighters who are not in it "just 
to win"
>that attitude tends to make for rhino-hiding, questionable blows, and 
>whole host of unchivalric behaivior that occurs too often in the 
>The society I joined had ppl that fought for honor, glory, and to do
>curtosy to the people who's favor they held. Now, I guess winning is 
>that counts.
>> It gets right down to
>>you aren't entering the list so whether or not you are bored by it is 
not an
>Tripe. Egregious tripe. This is not the Society of bashing people with
>rattan, it is about a hell of a lot more than just whether some stupid
>stick jock bubba wants to win.
>>Mara O.L.
I find the tone of this entire message to be offensive. You use 
inexcusable generalizations and imflamatory language. If you want 
someone to discuss your ideas or complaints rationally, maybe you 
should start by not pissing them off. 

Kein MacEwan

mka Keith Ewing 

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