Event Ideals

MstrssMara at aol.com MstrssMara at aol.com
Wed Jul 12 16:14:16 PDT 1995

I think everyone can see by the volume of posts on this subject that some
portions of an event are very important to some and not important to others.

If having a period encampment is important to you, then do the *best* you
can.  This goes for any aspect of an event.  Even if one or two people see
what you do and apprecitate what you have done, then your time (and money)
where worth it.  

And sure, there will always be disagreements about tourney formats, A&S
formats ect... 
but I would rather people atleast show an interest in an area they don't
participate in instead of ignoring it.  

Thats about all I have on this right now......

Mara O.L.

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