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Robert G. Ferrell rferrell at
Wed Jul 12 16:42:03 PDT 1995

>>Clearly we have adequate terms to describe the people who fight heavy 
>>weapons style of SCA combat, but can we find a better term than *heavy 
>>weapons combat*? The rapier or light weapons style can be called by a 
>>period term ie: Fencing. Is there a similar term that could be used here 
>>that would also be recognised as distinct from fencing?
>How about just calling it combat, which I imagine is what they would have
>called it:-) 
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     I think they would have just called it a day's work.  

     Let's face it...SCA events, with a few exceptions are not "period" in
themselves.  The best we can hope for is to make our little corners of the
world as period as we would like.  My philosophy is "I won't mess up your
game if you don't mess up mine."  It seems to work most of the time.


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