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Robert G. Ferrell rferrell at
Wed Jul 12 17:49:05 PDT 1995

>Michael writes >
>>I had never thought of the group renting a storage shed for the stuff and
>>find it a marvelous idea, of course there is still the problem of who is
>>going to have access fto that shed but it strikes me as a system much less
>>open to untoward mechanations or at least those mechanations are more
>>easily redressed.
>   In Bryn Gwlad we have a storage shed in someones back yard.  There are
>three keys to the locks, the landowners have one, the seneschal has one, and
>the third is in the hands of the quatermaster.  It is the quatermasters
>responsibility to inventory the Baronial *stuff*, and to open the shed for
>people who need to get items out for events.  This has worked out quite
>well.  BTW, anyone want a copy of the inventory (BIG SMILELY HERE :-)
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...And I'll be happy to consider anyone who requests this list as an
applicant for Quartermaster!  ;-)


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