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> FYI, the dream site is available up here for a mere million 
> dollars... (or so the site owners tell us).
> >>>>>
> Can you give us more details about the site?

The Will Rogers Boy Scout camp is a wooded 363 acres 35 miles from
Tulsa in Cleveland OK.  It has a small lake and a river runs through
the back end of the property.  It has 13? camp sites with permanent
latrines and cold showers.  It has a dining hall that seats up to
200 and a fully stocked kitchen with large smoker, commercial
convection ovens and a walk-in coolers AND freezers.  (You can tell
where my interests lie.) In addition to the rangers house, there is
also an air conditioned health lodge, administration building, snack
building and cooks cabin.  There is a working swimming pool on site
(and at InterKingdom that included lifeguards for 10 hours a day.)

Due to budget problems, this site needs more money.  The SCA was the 
first outside group to rent the site.  Both the ranger and the 
Council Executive have mentioned (half-way serious) that we should 
buy the site and lease/rent it back to them.  The ranger was the one 
that suggested the number 1 million.  Personally, I think that the 
number would be closer to 1.5 million for outright purchase of the 
site.  An interesting possiblity would purchase of the site with time 
payments some in cash and some in site use (lease back).

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