Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Jul 13 10:07:45 PDT 1995

Lady Zahra Zena saud:

> And, if you are interested, the very best event I have ever been to was the 
>Kingdom Dance Symposium in Middleford.  It was held in a hotel and we had 
>classes on dance and music during the day.  Then a sideboard was provided 
>(OK, hotel food is not my favorite, but it was food),

I remember that event. Food it may have been. But from all other reports I've
heard it was extremely overpriced food.

The part of the event we attended was good. That is the
classes and such. We left in the evening for we had no wish to pay $6 ($8?) each
for hotel coldcuts. I believe that one could not attend the ball without paying
the fees. 

> and we danced and 
>played for HOURS!!! In Air conditioning!!! Then several friends and I sat in 
>the lobby and played music and sang until our fingers were about to fall off 
>and our voices were hoarse. 

This I would have stayed around for or come back for. 

Do others remember this event as I do?

Stefan li Rous

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