SCA owned land

I. Marc Carlson IMC at
Thu Jul 13 10:55:55 PDT 1995

>Sounds great.  There's only two problems with it (at least as concerns
>being "perfect").  1) the hall's too small and 2) it's not here.

OTOH, Having a site that is permantent, and with a little work could have
things like the parking lot blocked from view, and all those little things
people were asking for in sites, is something to not be piffled at.  Moreover,
such a site might even be maintained so that people who were not out to
do a Fair or a Tournament might camp a quiet weekend there at little or
no expense (say while passing through to a *real* event, or something).

It's something *I*'d be willing to contribute energy towards making look
more "right".


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