Event Ideals (fighting)

Keith Ewing keandbc at ix.netcom.com
Thu Jul 13 13:47:39 PDT 1995

You wrote: 
>quoth Lee Forgue:
>| > cse.unsw.edu.au
>|       ^^^^ University of New South Wales, Australia (the au at the 
end is a
>|            dead giveaway that the site is Australia -- sometimes 
it's oz)
>I've been found out.  Oh, the shame...
>I suppose now I should add something to the discussion about ideal 
>Rowany holds their annual Rowany Festival over Easter weekend, and it 
>almost all the qualities of the listed "ideal event" - 5 days, about 
>people, no cars on site, lots of classes, wars, tournaments, and a 
>that is one of the central points on the site.
>Everyone's welcome.  It's a wonderful event.
>Etienne d'Yverdon
>Rowany, Lochac
>a Stargate expatriate
>So, we'll go no more a-rovin'
>So late into the night.
>Though the heart be still as loving
>And the moon be still as bright.
This event sounds cool. Let's all go next spring. Maybe Bjornsburg 
would loan us the longship and we could row down. 

Seriously, I've always wanted to go to Australia. hmm.

I'm glad you stopped lurking, Etienne. Tell us all about Lochac.

Kein MacEwan

mka Keith Ewing

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