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>>Farspeaker list/Domesdaylist/Domesday Boke/whatever you call it.
      In period, it was often a common thing to keep lists of the populace in a
      village/ward/town etc, in order to determine who was elegable to vote
      where, who hadn't served in offices, who lived where.
>>...had more in common with the national census than it did with the
>>telephone directory.
>True, however, it's still a good enough period name, and the one we
>(personally) have is used for many more things than getting phone numbers,
>but that's beside the point.

I suppose my criticism isn't with the fact that there term is not period,
but that it may not be the best term, and even if it is a "good" term
(e.g., Guild), the SCA has a tendancy to take a single term and drive
it into the ground.

Even if the "Domesday Boke" existed as an item published more than once
in history, and it were used on a local level for this purpose, does that
make it the best or only term for this sort of thing?

>>The question is, why do we call them by these silly jargon terms?
>Many of them come down to us from the earliest days of the SCA.
>"Autocrat," for instance...

As I said earlier.  Just because it's always been done this way, does not
really mean that this is the only way it can or should be done (The
question was really rhetorical).  Unless there's some sort of emotional
or traditional reason (like, say the colors of the Ansteorran flag) for
keeping something, there's no reason not to look at changing them.  It
may be that the best term for something is what it's always called.

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