Event Ideals (fighting)

Elizabeth Shahan ecs at infinity.ccsi.com
Thu Jul 13 16:45:35 PDT 1995

Pug mentioned that the next thing they will aquire to help them play more 
authenticlly will be chairs and a table. If you are looking for late 
period, a folding director's chair with out the arms is fairly period 
looking. I suggest that you put a seat on  it out of a tapestry 
reinforced with canvas (so that it won't stretch out) If you keep the  
arms and hence, the back, do the same, it is more comfortable that way 
but not period looking. Throwing a cover over a chair does nothing to 
make it look more period, unless perhaps it is a large, fur cloak. Then 
it just looks like a cloak thrown into a chair. Just my two cents.

 PS I might still be able to find the picture.

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