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Dia duit!

 [Replying to a message of James Crouchet  to All]

 JC> Here is some more info and a few totals:
 JC>  Totals:

 JC> PLACE   # ~%
 JC> ------------------------------------------
 JC> Bryn Gwlad:   37   45%
 JC> Mooneschadowe:  8 10%
 JC> Raven's Fort:  5  6%
 JC> Steppes:  3  4%
 JC> Stargate:  3  4%
 JC> Shadowlands:  2  3%
 JC> Other Ansteorrans: 4  5%


Did you include me in the Stargate count or the Other count??  If the former,
please move me to Other.  I DO NOT live in the Stargate - any more than you
live in Bjornsborg.

 JC> I would like to see a lot more folks on the list. 
So have Pug twist the Kingdom Chronicler's arm to run a brief mention
somewhere in the Black Star each month.  Beg folks to get it mentioned in
their local newsletters.  Have some of the local BBSs that SCA folk (who don't
have Net access) hang out on pick it up via a UUCP link. Mention it to
Ansteorrans you meet on the Rialto (I don't think Robin or Alden are on this
list, but they're both very vocal on the Rialto).

 JC> I would like to see
 JC> at  least a couple of Ansteorrans from every barony and large shire,

Well, both Eimile and I read this list, and I think Sir Galen (and HLy
Rebekah) get it from my BBS, so that makes 2-4 here in Loch Soilleir.  As none
of us have access during the day (unlike a lot of people on this list), we
don't have time in the evenings to make a lot of responses, so we tend to

 JC> and a  few from every kingdom outside Ansteorra. 

Have Pug post a period note on the Rialto and get it added to the Rialto FAQ
if it isn't already there.

 JC> That would allow us
 JC> to  distribute information and collect information very quickly with 
 JC> respectable coverage. We would also see a better crossection of
 JC> views,  rather than the opinion of Bryn Gwlad and a few friends.

 JC> In any case, this List has been a very useful and entertaining tool.

Very true.

Feicfidh me' ari's thu',

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