Event Ideals (fighting)

Fri Jul 14 11:11:01 PDT 1995

Here in the southern portion of our kingdom, in the shire of the 
Shadowlands (where I started), there is an event much like yours, 
called Roundtable.  It has been held for about 10-11 years, and is 
well supported by the heavy weapons and light alike.  It has a heavy 
list, light list, dancing, hearldry, bardic, and A&S compition, each 
weighing equally, with a winner in each small catagory, and an 
overall winner, whose name is incribed on a place at the roundtable.  
It tends to be a small event, but then it's a small shire made up of 
mostly college students, (but it gets a lot of support from Stargate).  It 
has been won by Hector, Rowen, Christphoro(sp? from Stargate), as 
well as less well known fighters.  It has always been well recieved.


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