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Antonio Bastiano writes:

> I've had some problem finding information on how tournaments were actually
> held

The book you want to get is _Tournaments: Jousts, Chivalry and
Pageants in the Middle Ages_, by Richard Barber and Juiliet Barker,
1989, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, New York, ISBN 1-55584-400-6.  This is
by far the best book on medieval tournaments I've ever found or heard
of.  It's a scholarly book, with an really good bibliography, but
written in a very easy-to-read, coffee-table book style, and loaded
with illustrations from period manuscripts and artwork.  As Da'ud Bob
says, "Check it out!"

>From the Table of Contents:

1. The origins of the Tournament
2. The Tournament in North-West Europe to 1400
3. The Tournament in Germany
4. The Tournament in Italy and Spain
5. The Late Medieval and Renaissance Tournament: Spectavles, Pas
d'arms, and Challenges
6. The Dangers of Tournament: Spiritual Condemnation and Public
7. Tournament Armour
8. Tournaments as Events

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