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>Recently I have been trying to approach my fighting completely differently.
>have been gathering with Savien and others and studying from a 16th century
>manuscript written by a fencing master, Giacomo di Grassi.  In order to do
>that effectively I have pretty much forsaken most of my previous knowledge
> experience in order to learn this style.  The result is, my fighting is
>pretty bad right now.  (Not that it's ever been anything to write home
> Right now, I walk into most fights with the understanding that this new
>is going to put me at a severe disadvantage.  I DO suffer great
>at spending more time eating dirt than my opponents.  I would LOVE to have
>day where I just went out and kicked butt.  But for now, I must take
>in watching these new concepts grow.

I like your approach to fighting.  Who are you?


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