Black Star (Pet Peeve)

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at
Sun Jul 16 12:17:37 PDT 1995

I just want to see if anyone else has problems with the way the Blackstar is
being done.  My major complaints are the lack of layout organization, and
the submission quality.  

Is it that difficult to place the event announcements in chronological order?  

Also, how is someone, who just got the first issue of the Blackstar this
month, going to find Coronation.  The flyer tells you to see the June Flyer
for Map and directions.  If you didn't get/keep the June issue, you will
have to hunt information that should be in the flyer.  Also, the site
information in the June issue was a loose sheet of paper, which is easy to
lose.  The old submission guidelines stated that the Site Name and
Directions had to be in each flyer, the new Blackstar does not print
guildines, nor do any appear to be used.


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