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Baroness Maire writes:
> We have to meet the definition of a
> Society event in corpora to get insurance coverage etc and this means managing
> a calendar. 

Actually, an event doesn't have to appear on the kingdom calendar to
enjoy coverage from the corporation's liability insurance.  From the


   A. SOCIETY EVENTS DEFINED.  The term "Society event" refers to
tournaments, feasts, and other activities whereby participants can
display the results of their researches into period culture and
technology in an environment which evokes the atmosphere of the Middle
Ages and Renaissance.  It also refers to educational activities
involving either one-time classes or ongoing university organizations,
and meetings where participants share skills or discuss the business of
the group.  All Society events must be sponsored by branches of the
Society, registered with the Seneschal of the sponsoring branch and
publicized at least to the membership of that branch, and conducted
according to Society rules.

announcements with long-term impact on the Society may occur only at
Society events for which the date, time and place have been published
in advance in the appropriate kingdom newsletter.  This includes Crown
and Coronet Lists, Coronations and Investitures, appointment of
officers, presentation of awards and titles, and proclamation of law
and of the establishment or advancement of branches.   However, deputy
officers and officers below principality level need not be appointed at
published events.

Events only need to meet the criteria in para. A to qualify for
insurance coverage.  So, unless your event includes business specified
in para. B, you only need to announce the event at a local group
meeting, or in the local group newsletter, and you're covered (for at
least the limited number of things that the corporate insurance

Now, Ansteorra _may_ have something in either kingdom law or policy
that specifies that local groups cannot hold events advertised to
other local groups without first appearing on the kingdom calendar.
I don't know; it's been about five years since I had to worry about
such things 8-).

There _are_ some good reasons why a local group might want to hold an
event and _not_ put it on the kingdom calendar.  For instance, if a
group's normal events draw a large number of attendees, regardless of
the event, they may want to hold some "introduction to running an
event" types of events that are essentially for just that local group
(and maybe a limited number of out-of-towners) to keep from
overwhelming people new to the experience.  The Barony of Three
Rivers, here in St. Louis, typically holds two such events each year,
our Birthday Bash event in July, and our Winter Court in December.
These events are specifically targeted to be run be first-timers.

Another similar situation is for a new group's first couple of events.
I don't know whether the phenomenom has reached Ansteorra or not, but
around here, it isn't unusual for a new groups first event to draw
150+.  This can be pretty overwhelming for a small group comprised of
even a couple of experienced SCA folks, let alone a new group composed
entirely of new folks.  This tends to happen because all the
surrounding groups want to "help" make sure the group's first event is
a "success", so everyone makes a point of going.  It's a nice
sentiment, but in many cases, the new group would be better served by
hosting a smaller event (say, 50-75 folks, or even smaller) as a first
try.  By _not_ putting the event on the kingdom calendar, and limiting
advertising to just the closest couple of groups, this is more likely
to happen.  Delibrately scheduling the event opposite a "big draw" (but
sufficiently far enough off) event, you can even further reduce the
potential size of the event.

Yet another case when you might want to not advertise an event is in
order to hold a "trial run" kind of event for new members, to get them
accustomed to a typical SCA event without just throwing them into a
full blown, large scale event.  All the standard activities, but the
new folks aren't as likely to feel intimidated about asking what's
happening and why.

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