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Sun Jul 16 20:23:56 PDT 1995

On Sun, 16 Jul 1995, eric brown wrote:

> >Clearly we have adequate terms to describe the people who fight heavy 
> >weapons style of SCA combat, but can we find a better term than *heavy 
> >weapons combat*? The rapier or light weapons style can be called by a 
> >period term ie: Fencing. Is there a similar term that could be used here 
> >that would also be recognised as distinct from fencing?
> >
> >
> >Clare
> >
> >
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> Personally I have Taken much pleasure in the terms, already growing in 
> popularity, Chivalric and Duello Combat, although If i really work at it I
> sure I can find that period manuscript that uses the term Real fighting for
> something like heavy weapons and calls light weapons something like
> "assinine foolishnes suitible only for killing your friends and countrymen
> in back allyways and spiting chickens before roasting" but it's a bit long
> to fall into normal parlayance although I kind of like "Real Fighting" ... :)
> Caladin-

The problem I have with Chivalric Combat and Duello Combat is that they 
are more SCA-speak. They are made up of period terms, but they were 
probably not used in combination nor in this way. For example, Savian if 
he heard the term Chilvalric Combat would probably assume you were going 
to war on a horse.

Your point about period terms is well taken and we may end up with some 
bit of SCA-speak as a last resort, but I keep hoping for a real period 
term. We have one for rapier -- fencing.  We just need one more...


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