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On Sat, 15 Jul 1995, Harvey Davis wrote:

> Howdy! 
> I read your post re: the di grassi tournament and was wondering what 
> the format was going to be. If you would send me the info, I would 
> appreciate it.
> Gerlach Wiesengrund
> Provost in Atlantia
> Harvey Davis
> jhdavis at

Those of us running the event have been discussing the tournament format 
and I'll describe what we have come up with so far below. First, I will 
tell you that it is a very un(SCA)conventional tournament where we are 
trying to accentuate display of skill, not executing your opponent.

First, one must realize that dueling, and by extension fencing, is 
frowned upon by church & state -- at least officially. But Giacommo di 
Grassi will be in town for our Grand Tournamnet, so, rumor has it, there 
will be a fencing contest over behind the abby. The goal will be to show 
your skill with the style described in di Grassi's _His Practice_. 
Giacommo di Grassi and various students of his will be on hand to judge 
and hand out prizes.

In SCA-speak the tournament will run something like a loose fighter 
practice with everyone free bouting. The judges will wander about 
observing, making notes, pairing particular people, asking them to 
execute various manovers and perhaps bouting with the contestants 

When time is up we will all gather and the judges (maybe 5 or 6 of them) 
will give prizes to those that most impressed them with their knowledge and 
skill. The judges will not consult so the decisions will come from each 
judge individually. We just ask that no one receive more than one prize. 
Since there will be 10 - 20 prizes each judge will give out 2 or more, 
and many fighter will receive one.

We will not name any sort of Grand Winner(tm) but I do understand there 
may be a Champion and a Halberdier selected by the Baron & Baroness and 
their advisors from those who compete in this contest.

So what are the prizes? Books authored in period. We are collecting what
we call a rennissance gentleman's library including pholosophy, history
(their view) fencing manuals, political satire, humor, maners and more. 
We have works from many of the great authors of the rennissance. Di Grassi
will award a much sought after copy of _The Three Elizabethan Fencing
Manuals_ in hard cover to the fighter that he feels is most deserving. 

If you would like to participate, donate, or even judge I will be happy 
to provide you more information. If not, write me in October and I will 
tell you how it went.


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