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Sun Jul 16 20:58:06 PDT 1995

>Mikjal Annarbjorn wrote: 

>Well, yes and no.  There is a goodly number of things that the Crown
>can do something about, but the award and title structures isn't one
>of them.  Much of those elements of the SCA is enshrined in the
>Corpora and By-Laws, which can only be changed by the Board of
>Directors.  Who haven't seem very inclined to seriously consider
>suggested changes, even when presented with solid evidence that the
>suggest alternatives are more authentic.

Well, yes and no. Corpora has rules concerning peerages and nobility 
which a Crown would have great difficulty in changing. Recent history 
has shown us, though, that if several Crowns get together the BOD will 
listen, and listen well. 3 years ago I would have said that it would be 
impossible for a Crown to change these rules. Now I would say that you 
would have to convince a Crown that something is SERIOUSLY wrong, 
before they would take on the BOD. 

On the other hand, concerning awards below the rank of peerage, the 
Crown can change these awards with the stroke of a pen. (See page one 
of kingdom law).

A crown will welcome suggestions or constructive critisism in written 
form. Please remember that they (hopefully) have the welfare of the 
entire Kingdom in mind any time they act or choose not to act on any 
suggestion or criticism. And I would also say that, since the recent 
problems, the same is true of the Board of Directors concerning the 
entire SCA. They've changed. Really.

Kein MacEwan

mka Keith Ewing

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