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Pug pug at
Mon Jul 17 05:24:53 PDT 1995

> Has anyone said "Thanks" to you lately? If not, Thanks ... a lot.

Actually quite a few people have, and I truly appreciate it!

What I would really like to know though is if there is something that is
missing or could be improved upon. I know that I need to get the formal
RFD for and get the mail <-> news software put
together, but anything else? I've been so caught up in other things that
I couldn't even start to think of what else is missing. If there is
nothing, than I will not only be happy as all hell, but even more
amazed. *grin* (I admit I may not be able to do things now, but I'd like
to have an idea of places to go next.)

Btw, see everyone this weekend at Coronation.


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