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Savien wrote:
>>Look for his work, along with that of my cadet, Otto, in the upcoming 
>>first issue of the rapier community magazine _La Point_, due for a 
>>Queen's release.
then  Stefan li Rous wrote:
>What is this magazine? This is the first I have heard of it. 

OK, the jig is up.  La Point is a magazine devoted to Late Period 
lifestyles.  The first issue will probably be a bit thin, as we are 
desperately trying to put copy together and have lives and wives and such.  
At the very least we will have a preview and a questionaire available for 

The magazine will be divided into two parts:  White pages, and Brown pages.  
The White pages will be typeset in mundane style and will include any 
business and mundane articles and very very SCA stuff.  The Brown pages will 
contain information that is more period in nature and will be set in a 
period style.  An example of the difference between a Brown page and a White 
page article:  
        "How to Marshal in SCA Tournaments" (White page).
        "The Hurt and Help of the Rapier and Dagger" (Brown page)

Fighting will inevitably be present in such a publication, but we hope to 
broaden our horizons enough to include other aspects and details of Late 
Period life. 

* Will we also include information about Early Period stuff?
        Probably not, unless it relates to a Late Period topic.
*Will we accept submissions for others?  
        Absolutely.  All content will go through the editing process, but we 
are certainly interested in submissions.  They can be mailed, 
hand-delivered, or electronically transmitted.
*How much will it cost?
        We don't have any idea.  It's on us until we can't do that anymore.  
We're making this up as we go.
*Will it be available electronically?
        YES.  Distribution has not been planned yet.

I remain Yours, etc.
Antonio Bastiano
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