Event Ideals (fighting)

Sun Jul 16 20:25:17 PDT 1995

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> Subject: Re: Event Ideals (fighting)
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> This is the attitude which has turned me off of fighting in the SCA more
> than anything else (well maybe the White Belt force field & free knee shot
> bullshit).

Howdy Michael! Tell you what...I'll fight single sword, left-handed 
(of course I am left handed...) and on one leg *giggle*. You can use 
sword n board, or whatever...I'll give you fifty (50) free shots at 
me...if you can land a "clean" blow, wounding or killing, I'll buy 
the booze for the evening...if you don't, I get two (2) shots at you, 
if I land a "clean" shot you but...if neither of us does we both 
buy... I fight for fun. Wanna have some?!?

> Believe it or not there are a lot of fighters who are not in it "just to win"
> that attitude tends to make for rhino-hiding, questionable blows, and the
> whole host of unchivalric behaivior that occurs too often in the society.

You're right _some_ fighters haven't learned "that winning isn't 


> The society I joined had ppl that fought for honor, glory, and to do
> curtosy to the people who's favor they held. Now, I guess winning is all
> that counts.

Still plenty of folk that fight for just those qualities Michael...

> Tripe. Egregious tripe. This is not the Society of bashing people with
> rattan, it is about a hell of a lot more than just whether some stupid
> stick jock bubba wants to win.
> -mcihael
It's also _not_ the Society for Bashing People or Peers With 
Ill-chosen Words either...

If you want change, then get out there and work for it, ike many 
others of us do... Now's your chance, go for it...

A. Kief av Kiersted (soup) L. Cockerham, Texan

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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