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MstrssMara at MstrssMara at
Mon Jul 17 11:48:06 PDT 1995

I've thought about all the recent postings on these various subjects alot
lately.  Here are a few thoughts........

When reading of someones opinion, or thoughts on a subject, lets remember
that it is *their* opinion.  It is so very easy to get going on a subject
that you feel deeply about.  It is also very easy to argue a subject way past
the point of anything useful.  So if we can disagree with each other nicely
so much the better.

Before posting responses be sure and re-read the message to see if you have
mis-read anything.  An example:  I did say (and I don't remember the *exact*
wording) that I thought the majority of fighters enter the list to win.  That
doesn't mean I agree or disagree with that mind set.  It is simply my
*opinion*.  While I'm sure that there are others who enter lists simply to
have fun.  I as guilty as anyone about writing before thinking.  Esp. if it
is a subject that I feel deeply about.

We will probably never get everyone to agree on everything.  Thats just not
possible.  So lets use this space to present our thoughts and ideas.  We can
disagree, but we can be polite about it too.


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