Scroll Text

Robert G. Ferrell rferrell at
Mon Jul 17 16:43:08 PDT 1995

>I am looking for text for scrolls such as a Knighting scroll, a monarch's 
>scroll, etc.  If you do not know this could someone please give me 
>Thomas' email address, privately.
     It seems from reading other replies that there are a number of
different assumptions being made about precisely which scroll texts you
want.  If you are asking for Ansteorra's scroll texts, I will be happy to
give them to you, although I'd prefer snail mail, since I don't have them in
electronic format.  If you are looking for only particular ones, I might be
willing to send a few to you via E-mail.  We have so many now that putting
them all on computer would take more time than I have to spend at present.
     If you ant other kingdoms' texts, I have a few; not all of mine are
current, however.  
     The best person to contact if you do want Ansteorra texts, though, is
the Star Signet (listed in the Black Star).  This is the person responsible
for the administration of scroll texts and scribes within the Kingdom.
Thomas (and I assume you mean of Tenby) is the Kingdom Minister of Arts and
Sciences, and not connected in any way with scroll texts, which are the
purview of the Star Principal Herald's office.


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