A question on War

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Mon Jul 17 20:45:54 PDT 1995

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>Now rumor (probably baseless, but it's what brought 
>the question to mind) has it that we are now looking to go to war with the
>Outlands, Calontir, and/or Meridies.

WAR?!? WAR?!? WHERE do I go to sign up?  I only fight in wars and melees and
they are a blast!!  I am a short, rotund woman who couldn't hit the broadside
of a barn in one-on-one combat but in a melee it's different.  Give me a
glaive and I am a happy Ansteorran...now add to the list of happiness a
catapult and I have it all!(have you heard the stories of Ansteorra's first
all female catty catapult contingency at this past Gulf War?) I have
marshalled at an Outlands War and at a Gulf War and I have also fought at a
different Outlands War and Gulf War.  I wished there were more such events.
 The majority of the time I am ivolved in the arts and sciences and service
but is always a thrill to be in the middle of it all.

As I said earlier, if there is a war count me in if the finances are there!

Moriel*** (Ansteorran rock-dropper-at-large) :)

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