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Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at
Tue Jul 18 07:07:05 PDT 1995

>In a message dated 95-07-17 19:50:37 EDT, you write:
>>Everyone please go easy on Pug!  He is my Chronicler, and he's doing a great
>Well said Master Cynric!  As Southern Regional Deputy Chronicler I have been
>very happy with his performance and his ability to juggle way too many things
>at once.  I was not sure if he could carry off where Madeleine left off, but
>the transsition was almost unnoticable!  Many kudos should be heaped upon him
>at Bryn Gwlad's next Baronial meeting.
>BTW,  Pug was the only brave soul to apply for the office...nuff said...

Just for the record, that's not so, my husband's apprentice, Cnut, also
applied for it.  But I believe Pug is doing a fine job and am actually glad
he got it, 'coz Cnutters might not have been able to keep up with his
school, job, etc, and then where would our newsletter's reputation have
been?  (Only joking, Cnut.)



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