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LANGJ at mail.syntron.com LANGJ at mail.syntron.com
Tue Jul 18 08:55:05 PDT 1995

         I feel compelled to take exception to the observation that the
         delay in the TI suggests that the corporation (or any part of it)
         is expendable.

         The TI is one of the few remaining vestiges of the "good old
         days," when the SCA was managed entirely by volunteer labor.
         My first membership application was submitted in October of 1972.
         It was finally processed in July of 1973 (there were may who
         wondered how we got such rapid service).  We wanted to join
         earlier, but were not able to find any place to send money
         (Stargate was founded and run for several months by people who
         were not members of the SCA.  We were told to contact the barony
         in Houston for information).

         The TI has been "delayed" before.  You will get the four issues of
         the TI that your membership has entitled you to receive.  It might
         take a little while, but they'll get there.
         If, on the other hand, you are willing to pay another $20 per year
         so that the Corporation can hire a full time staff, we would get
         it out on time.

         I remember the "good old days" well.  I would not willingly go
         back to them.

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