A question on War

Paul DeLisle pdelisle at innet.com
Tue Jul 18 12:50:00 PDT 1995

>This is sort of a simple question, and I suppose ties into to the
>whole Ideal Event/Fighting thing, but why do we keep getting involved
>in so many wars?  I can understand a big annual thing, or even 
>a couple of big annual things, but how many wars is Ansteorra
>currently involved in right now?

Well, as I see it, the answer to that question is: we're involved in *just
         First, the idea of several wars in different areas a Good Thing. It
gives everyone a chance to go to one, no matter where you are from (sorry,
Bordermarch). (I think it's good for fighters AND non-fighters, BTW.
Everyone should watch a war, at least once. VERY inspiring.) It gives us
contact with other kingdoms, something we definitely need in order to keep
ourselves fresh and alive AS a Kingdom. 
        The other point is a cultural one. Let's face it, folks; soldiers
didn't practice the profession of Arms to win tourneys on weekends. They did
it to protect their kingdom (barony, township, ya-da-da, ya-da-da...) from
other soldiers wanting to take it away from them. If we lose that
connection, we risk losing the cultural link that soldiers (of all our time
periods) should have with their personas. 

                In Service, I remain
                Alden Pharamond
                Mendersham, Ansteorra
                  In Service, I remain
                  Alden Pharamond
                  Mendersham, Ansteorra

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