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Etienne says:

>When Mistress Gabrielle della Santa Croce took her Laurel vows some years
>ago here, she did it all in Italian.  Seemingly it worked quite well.

Of course writing scrolls and vows in other than English can lead to such
"problems" as this recent message on the Rialto shows:

Stefan li Rous

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Subject: Re: A historical perspective...
Summary: Myrkfaellin
Date: 23 Apr 95 19:04:34 GMT
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[Hal posting from Dorothy's account....] writes:
>         (from _The Page_, September AS IX)
> At the July meeting, actions included the passing of the above; 
> confirmation of Richard of Alsace as Seneschal of the Middle Kingdom; 
> a provision that a member of the Order of the Laurel may petition to 
> receive a Pelican in its stead, should he so desire; note taken that 
> T.I. #28 was ready to be mailed; and the acceptance of new branch, to 
> be called Myrkfaellin (in which Kingdom they don't say).

The Dominion of Myrkfaellin is within the Kingdom of the East, Principality of
AEthelmearc.  Note that I say `within', not `part of'.  It was Myrkfaellin
that caused the BoD to re-write a lot of their New Group Procedures.

The petition was written in authentic Old Icelandic.  One of their members
earned his doctorate in Old Icelandic studies.  No translation was provided.
The document stated they were in fealty to King Osborne(?) of the East,
not to the King of the East in general, just Osborne!  When he stepped down,
the Dominion proclaimed that they were NOT in fealty to anyone, they were
analogous to the Vatican City in Italy, they were surrounded by, but NOT
a part of the East Kingdom.  Events in Myrkfaellin do tend to be `interesting'
;-) ;-)  If you're not from the Dominion, your feast token is a passport.
If the King wants to come, he has to negotiate as if visiting a foreign
power.  I'm sure Purple will fill in details I missed.

                                                       - Dagonell
					(who was once given the Queen of 
					the East as a present by John the 
					Pell while in Myrkfaellin ;-)

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