A question on War

Nancy Bradford-Reid n.b-reid at mail.utexas.edu
Tue Jul 18 14:55:37 PDT 1995


>I have, and was not impressed. IMHO, wars are not geared toward
>non-fighters, especially those who aren't connected with any fighter or
>fighting activity in *any* way except by being in the SCA.

Oh, Estrill, my dear, you of course have never been to Pennsic.  The
Outlands War, Estrella, the Gulf War all pale in comparison, we are talking
about the grand-daddy of them all here.  Take it from someone who has never
fought at Pennsic (and now only ever plans to fight in the rapier
tournaments) you can never go near the battlefield at Pennsic and have so
much to do and keep you amused that you'll probably say, "War, what war?"
There's a full list of classes every day except the first and last days,
there are so many merchants you'll never get to them all.  There's dancing
*all week long*, and a masked ball, and performances, both formal and
impromptu. There are wandering minstrels, some good, some not so.   If
you're of the volunteering nature, there's herald's point, chirurgeon's
point, security, gate, and others that need people for two weeks, around
the clock.  I love the graveyard shift for security.  You and a partner
take a golfcart out and drive over the entire Pennsic site while the world
is quiet and blanketed in fog.  The guards at the Mongul Horde and Tuchuk
camps greet you.  The sun rises over the lake as the mists rise and when
you just sit quiet, it's easy to imagine...

But if you do go to the Battlefield, go on the field battle day, just for
the start.  The pomp and pageantry, the thunder when the two sides break
coming crashing together.  It's an experience that overshadows the mud and
the rain and the dust and running out of hot water right before *your*
shower.  And, if you're of the partying nature, well, better ask Kein.  All
I remember is something about a mud pit and pink flamingoes...


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