Event Ideals (fighting)

Todd Marsh tmarsh at iadfw.net
Mon Jul 17 11:16:15 PDT 1995

Lynette wrote about Roundtable tourney:
>  It has a heavy 
>list, light list, dancing, hearldry, bardic, and A&S compition, each 
>weighing equally, with a winner in each small catagory, and an 
>overall winner, whose name is incribed on a place at the roundtable. 

I attended this event for the first time this year, and greatly enjoyed it.
The format encouraged me to try things that I hadn't done in years (archery,
dance), and that was fun.  Lord Christoforo and myself were the only ones to
enter all 8 events.  Of course, as a renaissance gentleman I think everyone
should be able to fight, sing, dance, etc.

By giving equal weight to each of 8 events, the event emphasises diversity
rather than fighting skill. In addition to those Lynette listed, there was
an archery list and a frivilous "snowball fight" with beanbags.  This year's
winner, Sir Rhodri, won both the armored combat list and the dance competition.

Roundtable is a great event!  See you there.

Llywelyn Gruffydd
Cadet to Don Robin of Gilwell

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