A couple more questions on war

Mordraut Freyulf mordraut at moritu.com
Wed Jul 19 08:19:31 PDT 1995

>War has lately been much on my mind. I would like to ask a few 
>questions of people on this forum. 

Gee, I wonder why:-)

>1) (To fighters) Is war preparation (drilling, practicing, marching) 
>something that you enjoy doing? Or a necessary evil so that you can do 
>well on the battle field? Or a total waste of time?

        They are not something I enjoy, although I believe in them.  They
help create unit cohesion, and allow fighters to get use to working with
each other, learning what they can and can't do.  If each unit works on the
same set of drills, commands, etc. then they can be work together, with
little difficulty.

>2) (To fighters) When you think about wars, do you imagine yourself 
>doing well, or your local group doing well, or your kingdom, or some 
        I want my unit to do well, since that is what we are paid for:-)
Actually, I just enjoy good clean combat.

>5) (To all) Describe some of your favorite moments at a war.

        My favorite moments, too many to really describe, but they usually
involve being at the right place, at the right time, and doing the right
thing:-)  Either that or standing and watching someone else doing the same.

>6) (To all) Describe some of your least favorite moments at a war. (Be 

        Unbelted ego, I mean champions battle that I was part of at PW17.
There were fighters, on both sides, who sold their honor for victory.  That
will always be my least favorite in any combat.  
        The other, looking over the field at the first Gulf War, and seeing
the unit that I trained with ........... looking for me:-(


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