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>1) (To fighters) Is war preparation (drilling, practicing, marching) 
>something that you enjoy doing? Or a necessary evil so that you can do 
>well on the battle field? Or a total waste of time?
As I only fight at Wars I do not do alot of practicing.  Before the last
Outlands War Sir Doran had the fighters from the Middleford area training in
formations.  It was sort of fun but I don't think I would enjoy it all the
time.  I do feel it adds that "something extra" to see an entire unit move as
one and not a bunch of individuals.

>2) (To fighters) When you think about wars, do you imagine yourself 
>doing well, or your local group doing well, or your kingdom, or some 
I really enjoy getting in a few good swipes with my glaive but on a whole I
think about the group I am with and my Kingdom.  I enter wars to prove to
myself that the fighting life is really not for me, but that if it came down
to it in real life I would at least be able to help protect my home and
family.  Besides, there is something about walking around in squeaky, sweaty
leather that is kinda neat on occassion.

>5) (To all) Describe some of your favorite moments at a war.
 a)This past Gulf War I ran the house banner for Grafinya Regina (Gin) and
during the second field battle at a hold, Sir Gaylon(sp)Nicoli asked if I was
a banner bearer and as I said "Yes" he handed me the Ansteorran War Banner
and said "Don't let it fall."  I  had my two friends who were also bearing
banners lined up with me in case I shold get tagged and we ran our rears off.
 All of a sudden His Majesty Mikael peeled off and we were seperated from him
but the next thing we knew Sir Mahdi, his crew and a bunch of others were
there to keep us safe.  I don't think I have ever felt so much pride in
anything as when the battle was over and I asked HM Mikael if I could return
the banner to its rightful bearer, Thorgard ins Svarta (sp) and they both
thanked me for keeping the BlackStar safe. (oh warm fuzzies...)
 b)The next best thing was having some Meridian yell at me over the castle
wall that I ws not "man enough" to take his shield down...(giggle, snort...)
 c)Almost hitting the Meridian War Banner several times with our catapult,
The Mighty Mikaella.
 d)Watching my lord climb up on Don Horoun's back during the last castle
battle and leap over the wall to surprise the fighters inside.
 f)Marshalling last year's Gulf War and the adrenaline rush I got when "LAY
ON" was called.  I thought to myself "I'm gonna get creamed!"  250+fighters
in armmour and the marshalls with nothing but their poles...AARRGGHHH it was
>6) (To all) Describe some of your least favorite moments at a war. (Be 
 a)Marshalling last years Gulf War and seeing a band of 7/8 fighters gorilla
bang a lone fighter who was on his knees. 
 b)Standing beside one of our own Ansteorran fighters (I don't know who) and
watching him take a spear shot to the head that rocked his head backwards and
then jump back up to the castle wall to fight some more.  This was in the
last castle battle of the day.  The Meridian on the other side called over to
him about it and our fighter yelled something rude back.   I was really
embarrassed about the lack of courtesy our fighter had.
 c)Having to wait a full year until next Gulf War...

Having babbled way too long...

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