A Funny from the SCA-Dance list

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okway.okstate.edu
Wed Jul 19 15:07:33 PDT 1995


>"And can you imagine 50 people a day, I said 50 people a day, walking 
>in to Enchanted Ground, chanting a verse of Alys' Restaurant (in proper 
>Church Latin) and then walking out?  Why friends they may think it's a 
>movement, and that's what it is.  The "All you authenticity freaks get 
>a real life" Anti Massacree Movement, and all you've got to do to join
>is chant along the next time it comes around on the cittern..."


I just had to share this with the list. And now I want to hear the 
entire album twisted, no I mean converted, by the SCA!

Estrill Swet

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