A couple more questions on war

Elizabeth Shahan ecs at infinity.ccsi.com
Wed Jul 19 21:29:41 PDT 1995

Questions #3 and 4
As a non fighter I do occasionally enjoy watching the fighting, though 
I've never been to a war(Funny, a picture of Pensic is what got me 
interested in the SCA) I have seen some large Melees though.

What could make it more interesting? Greater use of common heraldry. I 
think I'd like to see units and kingdoms use more banners and\or tabbards 
and\or scarves and\or sheilds colored alike so that they could be 
distinguished. Something that works like a uniform but still allows the 
fighters to display their personal heraldry, too. Also, what are they 
fighting about, what happens if they lose?

Just some naive thoughts,


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