Patricia Horton horton at
Thu Jul 20 14:29:27 PDT 1995

I agree with Catherine. Let us deal with Blackstar complaints in a constructive
manner. I have received some phone calls, correspondance and hints at
events about some disatisfaction with the last few issues. Ok. I have taken
this input and have asked Theodric to take some time at Coronation (out of
his busy Autocrat schedule) to see if there is anything we can do to cover
the most common issues. We also want to see if the job of Chronicler can be
altered, expanded, something to make life easier for the Kingdom Chronicler.
I still have my list of issues I collected from our past Kingdom Chronicler, 
basically things she would like to see happen to make the job easier on the
poor VOLUNTEER doing the job. Personally, you could not get me to volunteer
to be Kingdom Chronicler, and that is being said by the Kingdom Seneschal
who has a job you could not pay most to take. If you have problems get them
to Theodric or me (and please be constructive) and we will talk about it
this weekend with their Highnesses (ok, so this is a bit short on notice, sorry)


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