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Fri Jul 21 05:21:12 PDT 1995

> FYI Litch, the populace members of the Shire of Tempio backed Ld. Theodric in
> this venture, as well as myself. (I am co-autocrat, a local officer and a
> Regional Officer.)

Our Barony has wondered what the Regional Officers really do. Besides
myself and the Herald (who has her Regional Officer for a Baroness), I
don't think anyone has talked or heard from their Regional Officer since
taking over in some cases. (This is from what I've heard people talk
about and may be overstated.) As for me, I'm still fuzzy. I know that
you appointed me, and I send my reports to you, but that's all I know.
Do they just funnel the information to the Kingdom Officers? (There is
probably some way better to ask, but this will get feedback from
officers in several regions probably.)

> Just where does it say that Kingdom officers can only do
> their specified jobs?  Some of us just happen to have friends who will
> support us in almost anything unlike others...

I have plenty of friends who would support me, but that doesn't mean I
would autocrat an event. I see no problem helping with an event, but the
headaches of autocrating (or even co-autocrating) should be left to
someone who doesn't have to worry about something as important as the
Kingdom newsletter, IMHO. The Kingdom newsletter is what defines us in

> BTW  all the Black Stars for August were labeled AND mailed today along with
> all the prep. for Coronation.  Happy?!?

Never! *smile* Just btw, do Black Stars go out in two batches? It's been
quite often that others in the Barony get theirs long before others in
the Barony. (Unfortunately I've been one of those on the late end.)

> Moriel***(who like so many others can't pass up a good challenge)

I certainly can't, and have mulled over (luckily never for long)
volunteering for Kingdom Chronicler next time around. I don't think I'm
that insane, yet.


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