Pug pug at
Mon Jul 24 05:52:16 PDT 1995

>quoth Mark Harris:
>| And bagpipes! That's what they were originally used for, no?
>| (In period, they were not confined to use by the Scots.)
>I recently saw the Fureys in concert.  One of them played the Uillean
>pipes and commented (as close as I could tell - his accent was rather
>extreme, even for the Irish in our group) that the Scottish bagpipes
>is descended from this instrument.  Is this true, possible, or just
>another Irishman telling a tall story?  He certainly told enough of them
>during the concert, but this one sounds at least plausible.
One thing to keep in mind, which I'm sure all of you know anyway, is that
it's difficult at best to tell exactly where something like this originated
because the denizens of what are now Scotland and Ireland moved back and
forth so much over the centuries and musical instruments, among many other
things, moved back and forth with them.  To say that such and such
*originated* either here or there is *sometimes* no more than an educated
guess, even if documentable.


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